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Online Vintage Clothing Shop





For as long as I can remember, I have always been purchasing second-hand clothing and truly believes they hold a story of their own. Vintage pieces from another time are singular items no one else owns. Clothing is a way for me to showcase my inner personality and stand out from the crowd.

I started selling clothes on Vinted in 2015. In 2020, during the COVID outbreak, selling clothes online became my only source of income. There, I developed CLOEM, a second-hand/ vintage clothing shop on Depop. Being stuck at home was challenging but this project provided me with the opportunity to develop my digital marketing skills and directly apply them to a tangible passion project of mine.  

With CLOEM, I did not only sell clothes. I built a micro-brand, with a visual identity, ethos and most important of all, a community. Thanks to my social media managing skills I got an increasing number of customers and was able to develop this fun project into a part-time job.

This being my very first time working remotely, and for myself, I understood the key importance of building an online presence for brands. Mine being relatively small, I realised still that attracting the right audiences and gaining visibility on socials is key to growing a business. 


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