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PR & Social Media Management





I started working at Pretend Media Solutions, a media production start-up run by students from all paths of the creative industries. There, I was in charge of in-house Public Relations but also did consultancy for Social Media Management with clients. 

Pretend Media worked with all sorts of clients, their niche being musical talents. In the midst of COVID lockdowns, singers and bands discovered the power of building a community online as live events were forbidden. As a result, clients would come to us to help them produce photographic and video content for their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube channels.

There, I was in charge of promoting the company and reaching out to potential clients by building Pretend’s online profile. I collaborated with a range of other talented students, graphic designers, filmmakers and video editors, who all had the same passion: creating art, not just content.

I produced a number of videos for the company’s Instagram, including posts and stories, and was in charge of showcasing the services we offered artists. I would be filming our crew on set or at live music events whilst they recorded promotional content or music videos. 


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