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I've had the privilege of serving as the Social Media Manager and Website Designer for Solsuna Therapy, a dynamic brand in the world of holistic well-being and massage therapy. It's been an incredible journey where my role expanded beyond just managing social media; it was about making Solsuna Therapy shine online and building real connections with their audience. We've worked together to elevate Solsuna's online presence, using creative content, engaging social media posts, and smart communication strategies to not only reach more people but also to make a real impact.

But our efforts didn't stop at social media. We made sure that Solsuna Therapy stood out as a beacon of health and positivity. We shared inspiring client success stories and glowing reviews to boost the brand's reputation. Through a mix of Ayurvedic Yoga massage, Chavutti therapy, and Gua Sha techniques, we showcased their unique approach to wellness.

Together, we used the power of social media to motivate, educate, and transform lives. It's been a fantastic ride, and I'm excited to add Solsuna Therapy to my portfolio as a shining example of what we can achieve together.


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